Monday, October 25, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Artist Scott Nedrelow shows Kelsey Johnston around his Northeast studio, home of Location Books, among other things. More pix and interview on Secrets of the City here.

We really like the weird suspended shack thing. Oh, and the cute boys in front of it too. Via Matt Perkins.

l'etoile teaches you how to make this fancy masquerade mask just in time for Halloween shenanigans.

Daniel Peet always sees beauty in the little things.

Robyne Robinson gets morbid during a drive through Lakewood Cemetery.

David De Young snaps a well-placed poster for the upcoming Halloween Hootenany at King's Wine Bar. Jim Walsh as a zombie? Cool.

Our WTF pic o' the week comes courtesy of Carlos Martin Garay.

City Pages publishes a photo tribute to the late, great Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen. Photo by Denis Jeong Plaster.

Creepy! Bonus points if you can identify the Bratz Doll. Photo by Eric Lee.

Sean Smuda snaps some little fortune tellers at the BareBones Puppet Show.

The SCENEaSOTA fashion show releases its gorgeous lookbook with photos by Amy Gee and layout design by Chris Larson. Love!

This is our kind of pumpkin. Photo by John James Wallace.

Beatrix Jar posted this cool pic. We have no idea where or what this is, but we like it.

Sean McKenna snaps Shane Anderson customizing shoes for Tom's Shoes at Nordstrom. For every pair of shoes that Tom sells, he gives a pair!

Paul Duhram has more fun with Photoshop.

Dave Foley meets his (ginger) doppelganger.

Local autumn veggies, yum! Photo by Kenneth Alan.

Bo Hakala visits Madeline Island and gets some amazing shots.

Ned Lampert a.k.a. DJ Millions Billions plays some jams for some angsty teens. Too Much Love: School Auditorium Edition?

Amy Gee gets into the holiday spirit.

We dig this photo by James Michael Lawrence. The Japanese character means "Infinite Emptiness."

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