Thursday, October 21, 2010

Former Juut stylist to start own salon

OMG! We totally know where we're going to get our hair cut!

LOL/OMG contributor Jahna Peloquin's fashion blog Le Petit Connaisseur de la Mode is reporting a rumor that local hairstylist du jour Charlie Brackney is opening up his own salon, after he posted what appears to be a promo image for the salon (UPDATE: Jane B. informs us that this is actually a twitpic from the shoot, real photos to surface soon). He followed it up a day later by posting an image of himself holding a "Leased!" sign in front of a raw space seems to confirm it. It's an exciting new venture from the former creative director, instructor and Master Stylist for Juut Salonspa.

[Photo by Shelly Mosman]

As far as the name, location and opening date of the salon, stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check out Charlie's mad skillz when he leads hair for the November 6 SCENEaSOTA fashion show produced by fashion maven Maritza Ramirez (sponsored by l'etoile).

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  1. This is actually an iPhone photo from the shoot, the actual photos haven't surfaced yet. :)


  2. Thanks Janey...Made an update within the post!