Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gayngs forced to cancel performance at Austin City Limits

This just in via Gimme Noise!

In a strange turn of events, hometown supergroup Gayngs was forced to nix their performance this Sunday at big-deal-festival Austin City Limits due to the groups tour bus driver making off with all their gear!

The group is keeping the deets underwraps for the most part, due to legal implications, but apparently the driver dropped them off in Austin and promptly took off to Nashville, TN with all the gear in tow - including Ryan Olson's laptop which held necessary components to Gayngs' set.

The bus and gear has been located and will apparently be recovered, but we can't help but wonder HOW and WHY something like this could happen. That driver will be passing down bad karma for generations to come!

Read more about it on City Pages, where Andrea Swensson's got the exclusive!


  1. dislike. no - HATE.

  2. Those comments on the City Pages blog got srrs. Like, srrs bzns srrs.