Thursday, March 10, 2011

1419 and Love Power shut down by the City

Well, that's disappointing. Where are we supposed to go to see an indoor soccer tournament or a Swedish juggler? Sad, just sad.

Yes, City of Minneapolis, they did THAT too.

Hopefully the building owner can get up to code/get the right permits so these venues can be used for more art events. Cross your fingers!


Garrison Dakota Grouse (Event Manager of Love Power) released the following statement last night:

"As a representative of the Love Power and 1419 venues I would like to state that the allegations brought against these two venues are propagated under unjustified rumors. Causing copious amounts of slandered publicity towards one of Minneapolis' respected and cherished arts/culture/music venues. We have held some of the Twin Cities most appreciated artists for performances in this venue, and continue to book them for shows at Love Power. We also host a series of Vegan and Comedy events. As a proprietor of music and culture events, and as a resident of Minneapolis; Love Power and its associates do not condone illegally solicited acts, such as: drug usage/ indecent sexual public acts. We are currently looking into the legal issues pertaining to both Love Power and 1419. Love Power is our immediate concern, and will be reopened as soon as possible, to continue arts/music events. At which time we will solicit a statement regarding 1419."

Via @SecretsCity and @ArtsOrbit.

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  1. That place had nothing to do with art.

  2. love power was all about art (for me)

  3. If art = listening to a shitty DJ in a hot room full of adult children high on MDMA and crystal methamphetamine, then sure!

  4. Garrison does not represent 1419. He has never been affiliated with the collective of artists that (used to) run 1419. He is an employee of Surinder Singh (1419's landlord), and is only responsible for a couple parties that were held in the building known as '1419.' Again, these events and parties were organized through the landlord, NOT the artists who started and managed 1419.

  5. ..."artists who started and managed 1419"
    you call beating up chairs art, i mean it could be if it looked halfway cool... bbbbut chairs are defenseless objects that have feelings too just like bad artists:

  6. Apparently live music, cinematography, sculpture, painting, acrobatic yoga, comedy and dancing aren't considered art forms anymore. I find it sad that the "Artists" of the the 1419 organization have nothing better to do than childishly name call the management of the property that enabled their organization to exist. Wouldn't you think these "Artist" would stop boosting their inflated egos through slander, and actually start contributing themselves to better the community through art? Maybe it's just easier for them to try to destroy the Westbank's long art tradition. Good luck guys!

  7. Since no one else has the courage, to post with their name, I will.

    The "studio showings" or "art parties" hosted by the 1419 residents had just as much if not more consumption of alcohol than at the ones hosted by others. They also tended to be more expensive, and had little or no security.

    Before we make wild accusations about others, I think the residents should consider what they did themselves .. to perpetuate the problem that led to the publicity, subsequent renting of the space and eventual downfall. No one wins here.