Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yeti Records launches its Mix Tape Exchange

We stumbled upon a few Facebook links to a new blog, the Yeti Records Mix Tape Exchange. Despite the social media connection, the blog from the owners of Yeti Records (Jake and Lisa Luck) is an effort to recreate a lo-fi, technologically retro movement - the mix tape. According to the blog, "To participate, you merely need to bring some kind of mix-tape to the shop (3506 Nicollet Ave South, Mpls.). It can be only be on cassette (Sorry to those who don't own a tape player.. perhaps you could buy or borrow one from a friend. ). It should have a cover. Though it is not required, it is encouraged. It should include a track listing. This will be an ongoing event!"

So far, two mix tapes have hit the store and the blog: "Shit Came Running" and "Time Spy." One even has hand sewn packaging. These shouldn't last long. Make your own mix tape, head to the store and exchange away.

Via Yeti Records on Facebook

Submitted by @jahnapeloquin