Monday, March 28, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

More beautiful b&w shots by Daniel Peet.

Sohail Justin Akhavein really knows how to style a cat photo.

Hilary Weeks stumbles upon a super classy vignette. We can dig it.

Katie Murphy went to one heck of a party!

All the kids went to see Dam Funk at TML this Saturday.

David Enblom takes a walking tour of the Twin Cities and gets some fantastic art shots.

Shad Petosky had a busy week. First, he went to L.A. for the "Super" movie premiere (Shad's interactive company, PUNY, did all the animation for the film!).

And then Shad returned to Minneapolis only to have his wife give birth to an adorable baby girl named Violet (pictured here with big bro Dimitri). Congrats, Shad!

Photographer Stephanie Colgan takes a trip to San Fran and gets some cool, arty shots.

The Beard-Off at the Turf Club appeared to be a smashing success. Full slideshow by Nikki Miller at City Pages here.

Zeus Jones' Christian Erickson was a judge for the Nerdery's 24-Hour web challenge, where he snapped some fun shots.

Things get out of hand at Lush during the TUSH: Underwear Auction for charity!

Robyne Robinson travels to Greece, sees a mini-riot, and snaps the fuzz.

Brenda Karunya Peters uploads some cool shots from Downtown St. Paul. Like button!

Doomtree's Dessa (and P.O.S., not pictured) visit FAIR Crystal 8th graders and give 'em a lesson in being awesome.

Weird/amazing shot by Christina Rimstad.

Allen Christian snaps some cool pix at In the Heart of the Beast's "Stromboli's Medicine Show". We're not sure what's going on here, but we like it.

METRO Mag fashion editor and Art of Wore blogger Mary O'Regan thumbs her nose at winter in her latest blog post.

Mercurial Rage frontman Michael Grey strikes a pose with his daughter. Rock n' roll/adorb!

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