Monday, March 7, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Wr3n shoots one of many massive snow piles. WHEN WILL IT END?!

Our own SXSW tweeter, Robyn Lewis, captures some Mictlan/P.O.S. love in the basement of the Entry on Sunday. Follow Robyn's antics during the festival (and read about the shenanigans that happened at this weekend's showcases at the Varsity and 1st Ave) at @LOLOMGSXSW

Kelsy Johnston visits the studio of Teagan White. Full interview and slideshow at Secrets of the City here.

Molly Priesmeyer considers some beautification treatments during her trip to Honduras. We want a Cute & Bear.

If Knol Tate were a cartoon, he'd be either drunk or dead, according to his sunglasses.

Nerds get cozy in the Green Lantern room at MarsCon. Photo by Damon Thrift. #awesome

The Idle Hands get beat up by City Pages.

Artist Kyle Fokken puts out some teaser images for the piece he's showing at Hennes Art Company on the 12th.

Voltage: Fashion Amplified band styling team, Invisible Outfit, gets the collage treatment.

Your weekly Amy Gee: Cat edition.

Chuck Olsen snaps the snowy situation from above.

Adam Levy rocks out at IPR's DYI 360 as shot by Megan Schueller.

Z. Vex shoots BNLX's awesome light show during the Idle Hands EP Release Party at Nick & Eddie.

We love the art photography of one Daniel Peet.

The Gayngs Affiliyated Showcase was truly epic. Full slideshow by Stacy Schwartz at City Pages here.

Photographer Chris McDuffie tests out his lighting with makeup artist Nicole Fae and a cute pooch.

Meat by Olivia Brown.

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