Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coco & Breezy tell C.J. about their Gaga & Beyonce connections

A couple days before their in-store appearance and pop-up shop at Minneapolis' Studiiyo23 on Thursday, eyewear-designing twins Coco & Breezy got interviewed for C.J.'s Star Tribune column today, revealing how they got their shades on Lady Gaga and Beyonce:

Photo: Allen Cooley

Coco said they have no idea where Gaga got a pair of the dark glasses they make, which are being sold through their online store and in boutiques all over the world, as in Japan, Germany, France and Bermuda. But Breezy said they recognized a pair of their dark glasses on Gaga, in the quick scene where the egregiously dramatic singer is holding a piano keyboard in her "Marry the Night" video. (I'll take Breezy's word for this since I can't stand to watch Gaga.)

The designing twins know exactly how Beyonce got hip to their eyewear, and it's some memory.

"We've been good friends with Beyonce's stylist for two years, but we never asked about Beyonce. About six months ago," Coco said, "he wanted to put Beyonce in one of our bracelets for a video they were doing. He told her about our brand, and wanted us because the whole style of it [her video] was [Coco and Breezy] fashion inspired. Six hours before the [shoot for another video] we got a phone call: Beyonce wants you guys on set. Can you guys make it?

"I was like, 'Oh, my God! Yes! We can make it!' Beyonce sent a car to come and pick us up and we spent like the whole day with her," said Coco. "She's so humble, so sweet."

Via C.J. for Star Tribune
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