Sunday, January 8, 2012

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Cory Tenold visits Venice, CA and captures a perfect sunset. We'd say we're jealous, but we're quite enjoying "Winter" in MN right now.

Dave Eckblad gets a perfectly creepy and amazing shot.

The handsome and talented Domino Davis gets shot by George Caswell.

Tim Ritter snaps a shot of the video shoot set for his band, Still Pacific. Looks cool!

Chuck Olsen goofs off at the Mall.

Rachel Gall and a slew of others participated in the "No Pants Ride" this weekend. Oh-la-la!

DJ Ganzo Bean snaps some arty Instagram action at the airport.

The Rope makes music happen at the Varsity last Thursday. Photo by Christian Erickson.

Angie Arner comes across a Dylan wheatpaste in Uptown.

Paul Schmelzer finds some color on the bleak landscape.

Erica Rivera snaps some colorful flora.

Local PR maven Kate O'Reilly gets shot for her new Metro Mag column "Living Modern Life Well". So cute! Photo by EyeSpy.

Paul Booth Johnson shoots his cat on an amp!

Girls just wanna have fun. Photo by Dave Eckblad for City Pages.

Red Bull preps for next week's Crashed Ice World Championship in St. Paul. Crazy!!!

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