Monday, January 16, 2012

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

David Mendolia snaps an artful candid of some hipster legs at the Entry.

Dan Huiting shares some gorgeous video stills from a flight over Wisconsin farmland (which is apparently for an Andrew Bird music video that's coming out soon)

Eric Melzer shoots "This is Not a Place: Work by Isaac Gale & David Jensen" on view now at XYandZ Gallery. More photos here.

Tim Ritter eats at the Panda Wok and gets his Instagram on.

Tom Horgen enjoys some tasty lookin' Pho at Ngon.

Paul Schmelzer captures the crystalizing river.

Jen takes a colorful plane ride.

Artist Drew Peterson and his girlfriend Claire Monesterio pose in front of one of Drew's pieces at Chambers' Burnet Gallery, where he opened a solo show on Friday. Photo by Cara Lynn.

Bunny Ultramod snaps a snazzy pic of his lady, Coco, and their cat.

Colleen and Justin Guenther bundle up for the Art Shanty Projects.

Todd O'Dowd captures the first legit snow fall.

Christian Erickson and Janey Winterbauer make a promo image for their new side project, The Sevateem.

Taylor Carik travels to Mexico. #jealous

Ben Garvin captures the insanity of Red Bull's Crashed Ice event from above. More pix from Ben on Pioneer Press here.

Peter Jamus snaps a dark, chilly scene, while still managing to make it look glamorous.

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  1. Kitteh Guy Fawkes belongs to no one! (or at least he thinks he doesn't)

    (Actually, he belongs to @jonnyblackout & @trixifone, but says he misses Coco & Bunny).

  2. There was a legit snowfall on December 3.