Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Doomtree's Lazerbeak & Plain Ole Bill announce new album, rap contest

Doomtree beatmaker Lazerbeak and P.O.S.'s longtime backing DJ Plain Ole Bill (of Get Cryphy fame) just announced their forthcoming album, Lava Bangers, is now available for pre-order. They also dropped a track from the album, "Cement Blocks/Knight Fighter," along with a rap contest where you can get into the act. Listen to the track below and read on for details:

Lazerbeak "Cement Blocks/Knight Fighter" by doomtree

Here's how it works: Download the "Cement Blocks/Knight Fighter" instrumental HERE. Then make your very own song over any portion of the beat that you'd like. You can sing, rap, tap dance, play jazz clarinet, seriously anything goes. It can be 30 seconds or the full 4 minutes, whatever you're into. Then all you have to do is send in your finished composition in the form of an MP3 or YouTube video to rapcontest@doomtree.net (no attachments over 15 MB please). We'll be accepting submissions for the following three weeks, and on the big album release date we will announce our most favorite top 15 picks (voted on by all of Doomtree). At that point we'll open up the polls to the public and let the rest of the world duke it out and vote for their favorite. The person/group with the most votes by the following week will be crowned the winner and will receive their very own unreleased Lazerbeak beat absolutely free of charge, plus some serious shine time all over doomtree.net once that song is completed.

Submitted by @jahnapeloquin

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