Monday, January 9, 2012

Our picks for's Hotness contest

The nomination process has ended for's Hotness competition, and voting is in full effect today through January 15. So as per the annual LOL/OMG tradition, we thought we'd offer our picks for Hottest in the Twin Cities - inside and out. And mark your calendars for the Hotness party on February 8, when the winners will be announced.

Sally Hedberg
"From First Ave to the Triple Rock to the CC Club, Sally is always out on the town sporting the best styles with her easy grace. As The Minnesota Daily's Fashionista, she's no stranger to anything 'hot.'" Vote for Sally HERE.

Hal Lovemelt
"Hal’s a genius artist who started an interactive video company (Playatta) - HOT. He wears his heart on his sleeve and manages to invigorate those around him with love and laughter – HOT." Vote for Hal HERE.

Hannah von der Hoff
"Frontwoman of Sexcat and Aster Cafe's succulent server Hannah von der Hoff is Minneapolis hottest it girl. Keep an eye and an ear out for her fine ass and killer vocals in 2012." Vote for Hannah HERE.

Joan Erakit
"Joan not only writes a banging blog, TheBrownGirlFiles, but lights up every room she's in with her sparkling personality and warmth. Even though she lives a jet-setting lifestyle, making appearances at Art Basel in Miami, she loves her life in Minneapolis and has become a fixture of our social scene. Everyone loves her - and who wouldn't? She's a stunner, but it's her enchanting personality that makes her hot." Vote for Joan HERE.

Nate Szklarski
a"Working towards becoming a tattoo artist, Nate is one heck of a classy guy. From his dapper looks to his charm-your-pants-off (literally) personality, this guy is going places few people dream of this day and age. Regardless of his love for horror flicks and traditional style tattoos, Nate is a lover and has a solid foundation that you can always depend on." He's also a pretty mean visual artist, with his work being shown on the regular at Cult Status Gallery and Cause. Vote for Nate HERE.

"Hotness can be displayed through a beautiful face, toned body, and even with intelligence, charm, or fashion sense. Better yet, it can also captivate our attention when displayed through actions of integrity and heart. This man works for, with, and as an ally to urban children every single day through teaching and coaching. He gives and shows unconditional love and dedication to every person around him, above his own needs and ambitions, as part of his day-to-day life. His concentration is propelling others to a better my eyes, the ultimate and most important definition of beauty." Vote for Carlos HERE.

Rohanna Jones
"Rohanna is a sexy, funny, free spirit with rapier wit. She's not just beautiful, but also has an incredible talent for creating beauty through her work as an aesthetician." Vote for Rohanna HERE.

Jessie Farris
"This little hot tottie spends her days whipping up designs in all things graphic for 50th & France's Paperista. When she's not churning out templates or geeking out over typography, Jessie dances to oldies (and newies), sips wine, and drags her roommate to foodie hot spots. Jessie is hot, case in point." Vote for Jessie HERE.

Ulysses Awsumb
"Ulysses is a film actor, producer, director, Director of Operations for Twin Cities Film Fest, single father, entrepreneur and he's as polite as they come. He's a hard working, dedicated and honest individual who loves life and chases his dreams with passion. He's actively involved in the TC Film community, always trying to find new opportunities for his colleagues as well himself and to elevate the local industry for everyone." Vote for Ulysses HERE.

Joe Rapp
"The Minneapolis improv scene is made hotter by the presence of this man, who is part of the troupe the Bearded Men Improv (hotties all). The most caustic and nattily dressed of the group, you'll rarely catch him without a vest. A mainstay at HUGE Improv Theater, seeing him onstage is well worth the price of admission." Vote for Joe HERE.

Missy Heitz
"You may have seen her around town. You can most likely find her behind the bar at Club Jager or behind the front desk of Fox Tax. Missy is hotness personified and an animal lover and all around sweet, funny person to boot. A tattoo covered beauty with a tough exterior and a soft, creamy center." Vote for Missy HERE.

Benjamin Theisen

"Benjamin Theisen is quite possibly the nicest person on the planet. And he is a total hottie stud. Benjamin is currently the Board President for Peace and Hope International, a Camp and Youth Director for the Southdale YMCA, and leads a major initiative to support the Sioux Reservation YMCA. He has volunteered world wide, has a heart of gold, and is a dang good salsa dancer." Vote for Ben HERE.

Click HERE to view all nominees.

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