Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cast of "Glee" hang out at Red Stag, live-Tweet from airplane

In case you didn't know, the cast of one of our favorite TV shows, Glee, are performing tonight at the Target Center - but some of them were already making the rounds last night. We got an exclusive tip that a few of them - Brittany, Artie and Tina, to be specific - were having an intimate dinner at Red Stag Supperclub. Unfortunately, we weren't able to snap any pics as to not interrupt the group during their dinner, but we spoke with Nick LeMere, their server for the evening, and he told us they were in town a night early for a friend's birthday. He said he suggested they check out the Gay 90s or Triple Double, but it sounded like they were turning in for the night. Perhaps they'll hit the town tonight - keep your eyes peeled, readers.

Meanwhile, the rest of the cast were Tweeting from their plane on their way into town today.

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