Sunday, June 19, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Andrea Swensson snaps writers and photogs Ben Clark, David De Young, Erik Hess, and Jay Gabler braving the rain at Rock the Garden.

Are we the only ones who think this looks like a painting? Pic by Stephen Daniel Biondo.

The adorable Amy Gee has a sweet view from her hotel in Chicago!

The SooVAC's closing party for Sideshow Soo got a little wild. Photo by Jaime Carrera.

Kelly Munson makes campfire curry!

Erik Hess snaps Brenda Karunya Peters and Mandy Lee gettin' down at the Stone Arch Festival.

Dave Deal captures a Miami Vice-esque sunset.

Colleen Guenther snaps some choice shots at the Stone Arch Fest.

Had to add another awesome shot from Colleen. Couldn't help it.

Dena Alspach enjoys a classic summertime treat.

Christopher Straub and friend celebrate summer.

Bo Hakala is obvs not in Minnesota right now. #jealz

Stretch tandem! Photo by Mason Meisch.

Mike Davis of Burlesque of North America and artist Mali Kouanchao got hitched at CO Exhibitions over the weekend! Congrats! Photo by Bryan Thao Worra.

Mike Fotis gets his hoop on. Photo by Jim Robinson.

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