Friday, June 24, 2011

Cee-Lo dropped from Rihanna tour

Whoa, you guys. Live Nation has just announced that singer Cee-Lo Green, who recently had a Twitter run-in with local City Pages/Gimme Noise music editor Andrea Swensson, has been dropped from the remainder of Rihanna's tour.

Via Gimme Noise sister blog Rocks Off, according to a brief press release, the singer is no longer with the tour due to "unforseen scheduling conflicts." But it seems too much of a coincidence, happening so quickly after his Twitter beef with Swensson, in which he called her "gay" and said she must be "threatened by my masculinity." In a followup tweet, he said that instead of calling Swensson "gay," he would have hit on her if he knew she was a girl.

Green has since apologized, deleted the tweet and several others pertaining to the review and his comment, and vowed he was quitting Twitter.

But we think @danhuiting puts it best:

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  1. wow really? i always wondered if there was more to him leaving the tour