Friday, June 17, 2011

Cee Lo Green Attacks Local Writer on Twitter

Cee Lo Green does not take criticism well, as witnessed by a tweet he sent today to City Pages/ Gimme Noise writer Andrea Swensson. Green, who opened for Rihanna last night at Target Center, did not think Swensson's review of his performance was honest and he told her to.. well, see for yourself:

So much for respecting criticism.

Yes, we are baffled too. This, though, made us laugh.

Oh the irony: he can't spell the name of his own song.

UPDATE: Swensson responds!

UPDATE: Cee Lo deleted all his tweets from yesterday, and signed off with a tweet that seemed to insinuate he was quitting Twitter.

Other fun links:

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TC Daily Planet does a tweet roundup on the sitch

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Via @gimme_noise and @CeeLoGreen.

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