Monday, June 20, 2011

Local writer's fued with Cee-Lo lands on Oh No They Didn't! & Kare 11

As we reported last week, City Pages music editor Andrea Swensson's review of the Rihanna and Cee-Lo Green show at the Target Center caught they attention of Cee-Lo himself, resulting in a mean-spirited Twitter rant in which he called Andrea "gay" and said she was "offended" by his "masculinity." Now national gossip blog Oh No They Didn't! picked up on the news, adding that:

"Cee Lo quickly deleted the Tweets after being slammed for his homophobic remarks and offered the requisite apology,

'Apologies gay community! What was homophobic about that? I said I was guessing he [was] gay which is fine but its nice to [know] what u think of me.'"

Not much of an apology, is it?

Via Steven Yasgar

Also, Andrea was on Kare11 this morning talking about the incident!

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