Monday, June 6, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Mary O'Regan visually recaps the Northern Spark fest.

Rachel Thomsen shoots Ellen Lawson-Dahl playing interactive art games at the SOOVAC Carnival during Northern Spark. Too cute!

Jen Davis snaps Terrance Payne playing a game at the SooVAC Carnival.

A lovely shot of the Soap Factory at dawn, at the close of Northern Spark.

Artist Jim Woodring made a cameo at the Walker Art Center to draw stuff with a huge custom made ink pen. Photo by Emily Kaplan.

Sean Smuda snaps the sassy Prairie Fire Women's Choir aboard the Megalops boat event during Northern Spark.

Up n' coming art photographer Rhea Pappas snaps some choice shots within Jim Campbell's Scattered Light installation at Northern Spark.

Benjamin Jones gets a sweet shot as large-scale projections light up the side of the silos along the river.

CO Exhibitions opening for Installation 7 featured large scale projections, including this short film by famed artist couple, Gluekit.

Dessa does a reading at Magers & Quinn along with John Jodzio and Philip Mullins. Photo by Zoe Prinds.

Pete Mac happened upon a very unsettling window display.

Maggie Ryan Sanford and Logan O'Neal clown around.

Can you guess what this is? If you look at Jennifer Scammahorn's latest set of pix you'll probably put two and two together.

Jahna Peloquin recaps the secret Doomtree #FREEBIRD show in a parking lot. Minneapolis is so cool.

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