Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Solace's Greatest Hits

Tuesday night, City Pages' music editor Andrea Swensson got bored, found a photo of Kyle Matteson (a.k.a. @solace) and made it into an album cover as a joke. Well, the joke caught on and turned into a local meme of sorts! A number of Twin Cities music nerds and friends began crafting album covers based on the popular Twitter user and music scene staple's facebook pix, and hilarity ensued. Make your own (of Kyle or your own friends). We think this could be a fun game!

By Andrea Swensson

by Aaron Landry

by Kate Iverson

By Jenn Barnett

By Kyle Matteson (note the comic sans)

By Ben Clark


  1. I dare think you confuse "meme" with "inside joke".

    Just like how no one in this town understands what a flashmob is. Wearing a dress to happy hour, is called "Going to happy hour". Not a flashmob.

  2. Apologies for the bad comma placement. Oh internet.

  3. We think this has definite potential to become a "real" meme, not simply "a local meme of sorts". True, maybe a bit of an inside joke but not everyone who contributed is a close friend of Kyle's. It's pretty hilarious. But agreed on the Flashmob comment. ha.

  4. We think it would be AWESOME if people started creating these of their friends. There are definitely enough dramatic pix on Facebook. :)