Thursday, August 18, 2011

Twitter speculation on Bon Iver + James Blake collab

Yesterday, wunderkind post-dubstep practitioner James Blake Tweeted about a mysterious new "Fall Creek Boys Choir" collaboration between himself and Bon Iver to be revealed next week, on August 24. Our pals at Gimme Noise swiftly picked up on the noise and made some choice, hilarious speculations.

Via Gimme Noise:

"So far, the only thing that exists on the internet related to the term "Fall Creek Boys Choir" is a MySpace page that mentions April Base, the recording compound owned by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon. A description on the site says Fall Creek Boys Choir is, "An amateur singing group from Fall Creek, WI that gets together twice a month and rehearses, drinks 7up and Cranberry juice mixers, and sometimes records at the Cricket Gym." April Base is located in Fall Creek, Wisconsin, just outside of Eau Claire, and back in 2007 Vernon used the Fall Creek Boys Choir moniker to dump atmospheric, pastoral vocal meanderings onto the web."

Brooklyn Vegan also did some digging:

"The choir once had a proper website. It's gone now, but the URL is still listed on MySpace. It's ("Justin's website" according to DeYarmond Edison's breakup message)...One of the tracks, "New York (ball point)," contains the same vocal lines used in "Cool Knowledge" from Justin's Volcano Choir project. Remember that nobody had also logged into the myspace containing these four songs since 2008."

The site also gives confirmation that the date of August 24 does not in fact refer to a live show from the new/old project. Stay tuned!

Via @brooklynvegan, @gimme_noise & @jamesblake
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