Monday, August 8, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Jon Oken visits Oslo, Minnesota.

George Moskal takes in some nature during a visit to the North Shore.

Newlyweds Andy DuCett and Molly Bloom travel to Hawaii and get their beach-jump on.

Denis Jeong Plaster travels to Lalapalooza to document for City Pages. More pix here.

This is how you cool off in the city...flood a plaza! Photo by Drew Peterson.

l'etoile's Beth Hammarlund joins the airforce?

Our favorite summer pastime? Stooping. These peeps have the right idea. Photo by birthday boy Garrett Perry.

Christina Rimstad gets a nice shot of...well, we don't actually know what this is. But we like it.

Artspace's Greg Foley posts some of his b&w film work. Nice!

Artists jazz up the walls of Cult Status Gallery for the Fringe-affiliated installtion, Paralyzing Tragedy: The Artists of the 612. Photo by Danny Sigelman.

Pete Mac chills with his buddy Jerome. Photo by James Ramsey Photography.

The nerds of The Nerdery had a rocket launching party in their parking lot last week. Photo by Matthew Erickson.

Jennifer Tessa Boehlke visits Chicago and checks out the Oak Street murals.

Aw. Rachael Crew's cat stops to smell the flowers.

Did you know that every Sunday afternoon you can be part of a mass floating party (aka the Floatzilla) at Cedar Lake? Well, you can.

Corey Tenold captures the action at Glamorama for l'etoile. More pix here, review here.

Kelsey Johnston snaps a lovely shot of Robyn Hjermstad. Anyone else think this looks like a painting?

Dave Mathers rocks an epic jean vest for the 'No Sleeves' party at the Nomad. Photo by Jaime Carrera.

Jenn Cress snaps some crab n' corn!

Just say NO to goat butts. Photo by Andi Hillestad.

Pass the pachouli? Photo by David Webster.

Will Flanagan discovers an, um, "altered" detour sign outside of Kelly's Depot.

Summer fun with Colleen Guenther and friends.

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