Monday, August 1, 2011

LOL/OMG Meetup Lineup Announced for 8/11: Sexcat and Umami

Join LOL/OMG for our next Social Media Meetup/Tweeup at the 331 Club on Thursday, August 11th. We've whipped up an awesome lineup for the occasion that will surely inspire joyful tweets of epic proportions. Socialize with your Twitter/Facebook/Foursquare/etc friends IRL, drink some cheap dranks, nerd out, shamelessly hit on people, whatever...just be sure to tweet it so we can LOL/OMG you later!

Official hashtag: #LOLOMG

Featuring: SEXCAT and UMAMI

Thursday, August 11th // 331 Club // 9pm // 21+

Listen to Sexcat:

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