Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Twitterings

This weekend was a doozy! You partied hard at Soundset, went to block parties, got hacked, and managed to squeak in some epic hangovers. All in all, some fantastic summer memories were made.

Yep. Everyone seems to be getting hacked!

Sounds logical to us.

Tweeps clearly had a bit too much fun at Soundtown this weekend. For more from our LOL/OMG correspondent on the scene check our twitter feed here.


R.T. checks out the Tilia Block Party. Our mayor is pretty cool!

Weird 4 lyfe!

Go to the gym, then eat two pizzas? Sounds like a plan!

Really, do all wizards have bad breath? #stereotyping

Can we choose to be a combination of the two?

We understand this feeling. But at least the #30kitsune party was a success!


Our correspondent Jahna kept things klassy this weekend.

It's quite true, and ditto on the congrats!

We've officially got ourselves a convert!

But by night's end, it smelled like vomit. Are we right or are we right?

They made an exception.

We've been to Hopkins. It's definitely not as cool as Oz.

Gigamesh has all the fun. #jealous

Submitted by @theiverson and @jahnapeloquin

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