Monday, August 1, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Human pyramids are so '80s. But we like it!

Amy Gee shoots Project Runway Season 9 contestant Danielle Everine and season 6 alum Christopher Straub at l'etoile's PR premiere party at the Caterpillar Lounge. More pix here.

The Impermanent Public exhibit at the Future Presence space was quite clever.

Steve Cohen shoots Dolly Parton for City Pages. Full slideshow here.

Extreme LARPing happened this weekend, thanks to the Soap Factory! More photos here.

Jennifer Sandquist takes the Mississippi River Challenge along with a slew of other canoe peeps.

Heidi Skoog and Erin Ferguson get their pontoon on. Photo by Kern Nickerson.

Ronnie Cooper visits India, where they have a much different emergency exit strategy than in America. We can dig it!

Usually the one to be doing the photo documenting, Christian Erickson is captured rocking out at the Loring Theater with his band, Blue Sky Blackout.

Kelly Linder stopped by the Maplewood Wine Cellar and got some PBR.

Foxy Tann beats the heat at the Red Stag Block Party. Photo by Andrew Dobbs.

Andy Sturdevant rocks a pickle crown at the Machine Project Jubilee at the Walker.

Joshua Carlon visits the kissing booth at the Free Range Film Festival.

Ben Clark shoots the Acro-Cats show. LOL!

Brian Hart gets all Photoshoppy with a scanned leaf he found in an alley. Cool!

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