Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Bestest

City Pages announced the winners of their annual Best of the Twin Cities contest today. As expected, a lot of familiar faces and places have ended up on the list and there are really no major "upsets" except one: we did NOT win in the best blog category. We thought you liked us! Oh, well.

Here are some of the list highlights, like who's the best tweeter or where all you single gals need to go if you want to meet some mens (for the rest of the best, go to citypages.com):

BEST TWEETER - Jason DeRusha: He tweets about eats, family, and friends. He invites followers to his "Jasoncam" for live newsroom video chats. He pokes fun at his co-workers in public.

BEST BUS ROUTE - 21: The stalwart straight line that connects south Minneapolis to downtown St. Paul takes you about as far as you could hope to go without snatching a transfer (and if you're one of those who needs to get from Spyhouse to the Turf Club, this is your only option that doesn't have yellow checkers). But it's the ambience of the 21 that puts this bus line a head above. The closest thing the Twin Cities has to the L in the Big Apple, the 21 is pure utility spiked with harrowing humanity.

BEST PLACE TO MEET SINGLE MEN (STRAIGHT): Vertical Endeavors: A rock climber must be physically strong, adventurous in spirit, and dedicated to pursing and achieving a goal—qualities that also happen to make a man a great date. The rock-climbing gym at Vertical Endeavors is a magnet for men, so ladies, put on that cute workout outfit and learn how to climb.

BEST BATHROOM - Macy's Minneapolis, fourth-floor ladies room in Intimate Apparel: Walking through Macy's on Nicollet Mall begs for reminiscing about the days when Dayton's ruled the city's shopping kingdom. And the fourth-floor ladies room is a place where the glory of the '30s and '40s is still intact. Step inside and be transported to the days when ladies shopped for fancy frocks and gentlemen for dapper duds in the big city.

BEST VOCALIST (FEMALE) - Maggie Morrison: The songs of electro duo Lookbook often glance to the digital past, but Maggie Morrison's pitch-perfect, brazenly unaffected singing instrument is perhaps their most well-selected keepsake from the glory days of the discotheque. Live or on record, Morrison never slumps, never slides, never half-asses a single note.

BEST LIVE ARTIST - Mark Mallman: Ever the inventive artist, Mallman doesn't just push the envelope—he tears up the envelope, douses it in kerosene, and makes a giant, wondrous flaming papier-mâché tribute to everything exciting and raw and real about rock 'n' roll.

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