Sunday, April 11, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Elli Rader sent us this fun pic of Ms. Liz Bastian wearing some bad ass socks at ARTCRANK.

Steve Cohen captures the vibe at the State Theater as '80s pop sensations, The Jets, take the stage in celebration of their 25 year anniversary. Slideshow at City Pages here.

Ben Fredrickson, Peter Fisdel and Ken Hannigan lookin' sharp on a Sunday afternoon. Very 1980s New York!

We're not sure why, but we just think this pic of Shad Petosky scrubbing a rock off with a toothbrush is cool.

Jake Rudh snaps Nicholas Crabtree and Caroline Royce gettin' angsty at the Punk is Not Dead exhibit/party at Brit's.

Leslie Plesser captures the hotness of Julian Casblancas at 1st Ave. More pics at here.

Christian Erickson shoots some pix at the MNFashion Preview party at Spill the Wine.

Stacy Schwartz covers the catwalk for City Pages at the Envision fashion show. Fashion by Sarah M. Holm. More pix here.

James Michael Lawrence uploads a great photo from his archives, saying "Taken years ago on the set of 'Get Off My Dress!' at MTN - During the taping of that week's segment - Peter helped Dotty to learn how to do a Yoga headstand - and Margo helped us both to learn more about astrology."

Jay Gabler and friends plan for MayDay

Local boy Christopher Allen Baker is on duty in Iraq, but that doesn't stop him from taking beautiful pictures and blogging about his experiences.

Molly Forbes snaps her husband, tattoo artist Charlie Forbes and their new baby, Finley! We like the look of awe. So cute!

@Vruno twitpics a picture of the ARTCRANK wrist stamp. Cute!

Jeremy Niemann gets a cool shot of Bight Club at Worn to be Wild in Northeast last week.

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