Monday, April 26, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

A great shot by Neza SG from Rock for Pussy. Venus and co. rock out!

A bunch of old-timey peeps go on the "Tweed Ride." Cute! Photo by Michael Fischer.

Susan Marks posts a still from a recent shoot for MN Original - Irish Dancers!

Stacy Schwartz snaps pretty ribbons at the I Like You trunk show.

Neza S.G. gets another epic shot of the lovely Lori B. performing at Rock For Pussy at 1st Ave.

The talented Ben Fredrickson snaps Kysa Williams. How much do we love this? Too much.

Token animal pic: Jaime Carrera's cat enjoys the springtime sun!

We're not exactly sure what's going on here, but we really want to know. Photo by Hal Schuler.

Danielle Morris snaps a sexy iphone pic of Lookbook's Grant Cutler at Rock for Pussy.

@Plesserchick twitpics a crazy shot from the Devotcka show at First Ave.

Emily Utne captures the vibe at Laura Fulk's solo show this past Tuesday at the McNamara Alumni Center at the U of M. Full slideshow at City Pages here.

Ken Hannigan gets a hilarious shot on the Freaky Deeky set. Naked dance party!

Emily Konkler plays around with Tilt Shift photography at a Photogen Inc. workshop. Sexay!

Stephen Stephens shoots fashion for l'etoile's Imagination Mechanism party at the Eitel Building. Full spread here.

Christopher James pickles some "Ramps" which are apparently some of the first locally grown vegetables of Spring, and are a cross between an onion and garlic.

Laurie Fulk snaps Carl Swanson rehearsing for the Gremlin Theatre's "The Awakening."

Blacklist Vintage re-opens at their new location! Photo by Christian Erickson.

Bayard Michael uploads some artsy pix.

Molly Spilane attends a bacon-themed party. Note the delicious hair piece! Photo by Nicky Stein-Grohs.

@PopFizzDaily twitpics this glowing gown at the Christopher Straub fashion show at the St. Paul Hotel.

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  1. That pic of Grant Cutler was taken at Dad's Night Out in the rec room, the #1 afterparty for Moms and Dads! Thanks for the freaky deeky love!

  2. Kysa Williams (Bong) is a two-bit whore with a lot of financial issues. Don't trust a man in a skirt.

  3. I do love when people are jealous enough to post things as anonymous! You must really have a high opinion of yourself as well as others!