Friday, April 9, 2010

Jersey Shore MN?

Thanks to a tip from our reader Janna, we found out about this amazing opportunity for anybody who is interested in becoming a reality TV star. Think Snooki or the Situation. An ad was posted Craigslist two days ago stating the following:

CASTING for RECURRING CAST MEMBERS for new, network cable television series We are looking for “real people” not actors. The show is a cross between “The Hills” & “Jersey Shore.” Must be between the ages of 18 – 30 and be part of the “scene” at BIG ISLAND on Lake Minnetonka. Auditions will be at Lord Fletchers, 3746 Sunset Drive, Spring Park MN. and will be held Thursday April 15th & Tuesday April 20th, between 1:00PM & 4:00 PM. We want to hear your story; What you do. Who you are. Who are your friends? Why do you hang out at Big Island? Must be available to shoot 2-3 days the end of June or the beginning of July at and around Lake Minnetonka and BIG ISLAND.

Could this be a fake? Janna thinks not and suggests we go to Fletcher's to see for ourselves. We might just have to do that!

Submitted by @marrina.


  1. This cracks me up. You'll have to keep us posted on whether this is true. Curious to see what network cable station it would turn up on.

  2. Its better in Wayzata

  3. Are you kidding me? This is re-god- damn-diculous!

  4. This is actually real. I work in music licensing and they are also searching for music for it. This is a legit opportunity. Smh.