Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blue Sky Blackout releases 3-Sided single just in time for Voltage

Our fave local band, Blue Sky Blackout, has just released their first "3-Side" What's a 3-side you ask? Well, it's basically just a digital download of three-song single. A free one at that! Oh internetz, you make everything so much easier!

The rockin' mini-release comes at an opportune time, as BSB is scheduled to rock the runway at Voltage: Fashion Amplified this Friday!

From the Susstones site: "Various combinations of us have played with each other before in bands like Astronaut Wife (Erickson and Ritter), Landing Gear (Hunt and Westbrooks), and Medication (Iwanin, Dalida and Hunt) and many of those bands were either released by Susstones or recorded at Flowers Studio. Despite the long history, this isn’t just a re-hash of what we’ve all done before. Jon’s flair for melodic Brit-pop influenced songs is still there, but with a heavier rock vibe thanks to a six-piece band that includes 3 guitars."

To download the 3-Side click HERE!

Also, check out BSB's facebook page for links to hi-res downloadable poster art!

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