Monday, April 19, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

l'etoile-ers Beth Hammarlund, Brian Gioielli and Juleana Enright rock out runway-side at Voltage: Fashion Amplified!

Robyne Robinson and Rachel Thompson toast to local fashion at the Graves Hotel before Voltage: Fashion Amplified.

Former local artist/designer Adam Garcia aka The Pressure returns to the MPLS to rock out with the Wants Vs. Needs crew on Saturday at Club Jager. Photo by Kevin O'Meara, slideshow at City Pages here.

Photographer Meredith Westin captures the vibe at the secret pre-Coachella P.O.S. show at Nick & Eddie on Thursday. More pics here.

Tom Wallace snaps fashion designer Emma Berg with one of her creations for the Star Tribune. More pics and article here.

Jen Cress gets this cool/weird shot of onions being cooked up on the grill at Benihana's

Tom Horgen hits up the MIA's Third Thursday Art Remix party and snaps some Warhol go-go dancers!

Gina Micek has a good time snappin' pix at Voltage! Fun blog post here. She even name checks LOL/OMG! Flattery will get you everywhere, Gina...or at least will get your pic on our site!

Robb Long snaps off a hilar iphone shot of a high school prom photo set that his wife was shooting. Why wasn't our prom like this? WHY?!

Angie Hanson snaps some of our favorite A-Gays at the Voltage After Party at OM.

Former Twin Cities artist Eric Inkala shoots a Macy's Midtown window display that features his work in NYC!

Behind the scenes at Carly Schoen's photo shoot for fashion designer Danielle Everine.

The Blue Sky Blackout dudes get a little liquid courage before the big show.

The new Blacklist Vintage location is coming together! Head there Wednesday for the grand opening bash as part of MNFashion Week!

A baby in a crawl space. A totally sweet crawl space. Can Andi Hillestad install one of these in our house?

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  1. I love flattery - plan to use it often, especially of you gals and your blogs/magazine...look forward to a "seedy" relationship. Muah!