Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Diablo Cody preggo, local rocker Jon Hunt NOT the baby daddy

Diablo Cody, an Oscar-winning screenwriter and a former Minneapolite, dropped the Twitter bomb yesterday announcing to the world that she is not only married, but pregnant too!

And in case you were wondering, her husband and impregnator is NOT local musician Jon Hunt (of Blue Sky Blackout), as some news outlets are reporting. Hunt and Cody have been divorced for years but remain friends. According to Hunt, he can't "sperminate people long-distance" and he congratulated Cody through Twitter yesterday and responded to rumors this morning:

And the funniest tweet on the sitch comes from Jon's current wife, Trixie, also a friend of Cody, who jokes via twitter:

As for Cody's real husband, Dan Maurio, all we know is that he works for Chelsey Lately and that he has a Funny or Die account.

Submitted by @marrina.