Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blue Sky Blackout posts a new teaser

Local supergroup Blue Sky Blackout posted a rockin' teaser trailer via Facebook/Twitter today in promotion of their soon-to-be released digital 3-side (on Susstones). The 3-side will be available on April 13th as a free download. Having seen these guys play live, there's no doubt in our minds that they'll soon be topping bills and taking names all over the Twin Cities.

We think David De Young of put it best when he said: "If there’s such a thing as good cholesterol, perhaps there’s such a thing as good testosterone. Every time I see the six members of Blue Sky Blackout on stage, I can’t help but think: damn, that’s a lot of dudes. And cool, fashionable dudes at that, who know how to rock."

An official release party is planned for early May, but BSB will also be the first band to kick off the annual Voltage: Fashion Amplified show at First Avenue on Friday, April 16th. Way to usher yourselves in, guys!

Blue Sky Blackout 3-Sided Single "Trailer" #2 from Blue Sky Blackout on Vimeo.

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