Monday, June 7, 2010

Elite Gymnastics get the Pitchfork treatment

Nifty! Minneapolis' own electro-popsters Elite Gymnastics has made it into Pitchfork's good graces. Moon Goons DJ - and EG member - Josh Clancy tipped us off to Pitchfork's favorable review of the a track from the duo's new EP, Is This On Me? via facebook.

Though reviewer Larry Fitzmaurice claims to be surprised to hear something so fresh coming out of the Twin Cities (um, GAYNGS anyone?), he touts the duo's "sunshine samples and high-pitched chimes that twinkle like an ice castle bathed in soft light," and adds, "As the summer months heat up, 'Is This on Me?' somehow manages to feel like a blast of cool air while keeping things appropriately warm."

Submitted by @jahnapeloquin.

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