Monday, June 28, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Chuck Olson's ad campaign proposal for the concept of Taylor Carik. We can dig it.

City Pages busts out with it's summer fashion spread! Photos by Emily Utne, styling by Jane Belfry. Full slide show at City Pages here.

R.T. Ryback runs the Pride Parade. Our Mayor is kinda hot. Photo by Pam Colby.

Rachel Thompson's power has been out since Friday, but she got this cool candlelight phone shot of a chandelier.

Val Escher gets some great Pride shots. We love the composition and colors!

Elizabeth Wefel captures the aftermath of #mplsmonsoon. Article on MPR here. Also peep this crazy pic we posted over the weekend!

Kimberly Bowman models for Cam Xiong. Lovely!

Justin Guenther goes for a ride on his scooter. Photo by Colleen Guenther.

Whoa. Sweet. Totally sweet. Photo by Gregory Euclide.

We celebrate the dual birthday of our own editor and's Emma Berg at the Vision Modeling loft.

Yep. Dena and John Alspach have the cutest kids.

@kristoffer_k snaps off a shot of Courtney McClean & The Dirty Curls playing at Sex World. Yes, that happened.

Charlie Forbes doesn't look too happy about his dominos.

This week's "What the Hell" pic is brought to us by Carlos Martin Garay, who snapped this funny shot with his iphone.

Carl Swanson finds a reimagined pothole. Nice, but we're pretty sure this was completely destroyed in the #mplsmonsoon.

Mensch Maschine gets a rare tour of the old Schmidt Brewery. Kewl.

Ed & Ashley Ackerson rock out at Sauce during the release party for BNLX EP #2. Photo by Janey Winterbauer.

Anne George snaps a pic of her cherry tree. We want a cherry tree!

Mallman looks good with a white piano!

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