Wednesday, June 16, 2010

City Pages saves the day!

We know you were a little more than miffed when it was announced that the long-running Music & Movies in the Park series was to be canceled this year. We were miffed too. BUT, our pals at City Pages have stepped up to the plate to give the Twin Cities what it wants!

Andrea Swensson announces via Gimme Noise: Upon hearing that the event was in jeopardy and hearing the massive outcry from the Minneapolis community, City Pages and Lunds (who both have helped sponsor the event in the past) stepped forward to coordinate with the Park Board and ensure that the popular event would still go off without a hitch. Continuing in the spirit of the former "Music & Movies" series, we will showcase bands from the Twin Cities' diverse and historic music scene followed by a movie with Minnesota ties, selected by Twin Cities residents.

From June 28 to July 19, City Pages will hold an online poll to decide what movies to screen. The winning movies and band lineup will be announced on July 28.


Photo by Ben Clark

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  1. Yay - that is exciting! Looking forward to the vote.