Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jason DeRusha: American Hero

Yes, it's true. Our favorite WCCO fixture fame-whored himself out at Target Field on Wednesday to sing the national anthem "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." He actually has quite a nice singing voice, if you ask us!

Jason took to his DeBlog to tell the tale. And much like Jason DeRusha Day last year, all the media mogul had to do was mention it and opportunity came a-knockin'.

JD didn't exactly get VIP treatment, however. He notes a couple lessons learned on his blog:

You don't get a ticket to the game (the singers are usually already there for pregame stuff).

You don't get a jersey or anything (my wardrobe was my own).

You don't even get a free hot dog (I paid $5.25 for my grilled big dog with onions and bag of potato chips).

There is no echo in the stadium, which is cool, and made it much easier to sing. But it's hard to hear the organ, and that's my excuse for why I sound a bit flat. "Pitchy" to quote Simon Cowell.

WCCO vids apparently don't embed, so click HERE to watch. Congrats Jason, you are LOL/OMG's American hero of the day!

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  1. I'm whoring myself out on July 16th during the Twins-White Sox game. Myself and 19 others won a contest on Twitter hosted by the Twins. I won't be as pitchy or traditional as DeRusha.

  2. Thanks guys! LOL/OMG American hero of the day!

    Haasertime: I considered going the opera route, or shocking everyone by doing it in hip-hop/rap style, but I figured I should just play it safe. What's your plan?

  3. Unless I can get three others to join me in a barbershop quartet, I'll probably go the traditional route as well. I don't want to be in position to disappoint or disgust 40,000 fans. (like Michael Cuddyer has been doing lately)