Saturday, June 26, 2010

space150 designs Times Square billboard for Forever 21

Local interactive marketing agency space150 has just designed a billboard advertisement for fast fashion giant Forever 21, and it debuted in Times Square on Friday morning. The billboard features a model walking in front of an image of the crowd below. The twist: she occasionally leans over, and appears to pluck someone out of the crowd. The eyecatching ad was reposted by space 150's Corey Tenold via Facebook.

Times Square Billboard by Space150 from Cliff Kuang on Vimeo.

"Since it sits above a pedestrianized part of Times Square, we knew there would be big crowds in front of this billboard all day," says James Squires, Space150's director of technology. "But people only look at billboards for six seconds on average. We wanted to extend that."

The program uses computer vision technology – never employed in Times Square before – to allow larger than life onscreen Forever21 models to interact with passersby on the streets below, said the company.

It's quite the coup for the boutique agency. Congrats!

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