Monday, June 7, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Ashley Ackerson snaps some epic shots of Pink Mink rockin' the Hex.

WHERE can we get a bike like this?! Photo by Danielle Morris.

Erica Bailie-Byrne catches the action at the downtown Farmers Market from the skyway.

Peeps practice yoga in the SooVAC parking lot as part of the Art MATters Gorilla Yogis show.

Stylist Jane Belfry and photog Emily Utne do a promo shoot for the upcoming I Feel Love fashion show. Pic by Angie Hanson.

Jarret Oulman and Dani Fenn make time with some lobstahs.

Jason Albus takes uploads more awesome photos from his trip to NYC. Really a great set.

Artists Jen Davis and Andy Ducett get down at local artists Pam Valfer and Allen Brewer's wedding.

Jenny Dalton and a friend toast to the U of M football field.

Karen O'Bryan takes a road trip and snaps a friend stretching her, um, legs?

Red Pens drummer Laura F. Bennett does a little Memorial Day rock hunting.

Tony Huerta snaps his recently acquired bulldog, Meaty. We LOVE him!

New mom Natlie Auger gets cuddly with her babe! 2 Cute.

Olivia Brown plays around with the Hipstamatic filter. Kewl.

Pals Rachel, Jahna and Fritzie kick it old school on the porch.

Shad Petosky snaps this storybook shot of his wife Anna and their son.

Solid Gold returns to the 1st Ave Mainroom after a Spring tour. Slideshow by Anna Gulbrandsen on City Pages here.

Claire Molepske shoots pix at's model walk-off at Envy Nightclub.

Stephanie Hynes does a test shoot with lovely Ignite model, Rikki. Pretty!

Free Energy rocks Grand Old Day! Slideshow by Stacy Schwartz on City Pages here.

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