Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Man Walks Into an Apple Store

Man walks into an Apple store to complain about his brand new iPhone 4. What is wrong with it? It keeps face-dialing any time It's held between man's ear and shoulder, which is OK if you are actually trying to make a call. If not, then it's not so great. Here's how the visit went. Read it and learn, in case you ever have to go yourself.

- Heading to the Apple Store to have them check out my iPhone 4 proximity sensor problems.

- My iPhone keeps face-dialing any time I use it held between my ear and shoulder.

- The Apple genius bar guy just watched me replicate the issue.

- Wow. Apple store just told me they can't help me with my brand new iPhone until Apple officially diagnoses the proximity sensor problem.

- They said I was probably holding my iPhone wrong. I've been holding phones for 28 years, so that's bullshit.

- The fact that I replicated the problem right at the Apple Store and still got turned away REALLY concerns me.

- Hey Apple, this is my SIXTH iPhone. I've held the other 5 correctly, so what makes the proximity sensor in this one so different?

- I'm also having the problem with dropping calls if I touch the phone without a case.

- Thanks for being patient with my rant. Must find comfort foods to quell my frustration. Who wants ice cream!?!

We do, we do!

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  1. I had the best service of my life at the Apple store when I went in post back surgery and was walking with a cane. I went in to buy a $30 dollar case and the assistant spent over 30 minutes helping me find the perfect case for my iPhone. I have less helping me buy thousands dollars worth of equipment. My advice to Dusty is to bring a cane next time he goes to the Apple store in order to get the gold service treatment.