Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Heavy Table gets some CNN love

Minneapolis' Heavy Table got some love from CNN today: the local food/drink magazine was featured in the "Blogger Spotlight" section of Eatocracy, CNN's newest food blog. Eatocracy, whose official launch was just a week ago, is described as a place for "smart, passionate conversation and information about food news, politics, culture." Every weekday, they're highlighting a local or regional blogger they think you ought to know about. Heavy Table is represented by the editor James Norton who says there's a "real food revolution here in the Upper Midwest, focused on a booming farmers market movement, world-caliber local cheese, a craft beer boom and a renewed interest in old-fashioned techniques like canning, pickling and foraging." Well said Norton!

And here's a bonus for all of you food lovers out there: Food Network Magazine says Pastrami & Egg at Be’wiched Deli is the best breakfast dish in Minnesota. Word.

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