Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beware the "Like" Button

A new Facebook virus is making the rounds, and while we're pretty sure YOU are smart enough not to click on it, we thought we'd fill you in anyway...just in case.

According to, the trick, which utilizes clickjacking, means that visiting users are duped into "liking" a page without necessarily realizing they are recommending it to all of their Facebook friends. Tempting lines like "This Girl Has An Interesting Way Of Eating A Banana, Check It Out!" and other such fishy fare are among the possibilities. If you "like" the link, it'll bring you to an obviously phony page that invites you to "click here." So yeah, don't "click" there, otherwise you'll re-broadcast the same message (or possibly something worse) to your friends list.

Ironically, over 3,500 people have "liked" article. Everyone is a comedian.

Think before you click, people!

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