Friday, April 2, 2010

Cult Status Gallery landlord to paint over glorious Deuce Seven mural

Off-beat Uptown art gallery, Cult Status, posted a sad announcement on their Facebook page today. Apparently uptight tenants who share the same building are "uncomfortable" with graffiti artist Deuce Seven's bright, swirly mural that covers the Cult Status facade, so much so that they've enlisted the landlord to have the mural painted over. How someone could NOT want to gaze upon the awesomeness of an acclaimed artist such as 27 is beyond us! In case you're not familiar, Deuce Seven (also know as 27) is a renowned local graf artist who has made quite a name for himself in the art world, with gallery shows at SooVAC, Fox Tax and others locally and nationally. After a short stint in NYC, the Village Voice wrote an article about him, suggesting that Deuce was "the new king of new york street art." Not too shabby.

The fact that this mural was commissioned (and legal) makes it that much more special and thoughtfully created. Definitely a piece of public art that would be a shame to cover up. But, private property is private property and the landlord is within his legal right. However, it's TOTALLY LAME.

The Cult Status peeps plan to create a documentary about "shitty" public art around town and also film the destruction of the awesome 27 mural. If you want to go angrily pump your fist over this travesty, keep your eyes peeled on Cult Status's Facebook page for time/date of the painting-over so you can go down and help them heckle their landlord and voice your outrage in the documentary.

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  1. This is a travesty! The colors are bright and fun. There is nothing gang or derogatory about it. It's an art gallery; It's way in the back of the building and parking lot. The Architects that started this HATE campaign should be Boycotted! You can write your thoughts on their "Google" review page here...
    Just click on Shelter Architecture
    Let's see how low we can get their rating!

  2. I just emd with Shelter Architects and they are on our side!!
    Update on the mural -- @ is on our side! They wrote to the landlord to keep the mural! Same with Healing Garage . . . that leaves Code Space! Let's do this!

  3. On behalf of myself and my two other founding partners here at Shelter Architecture, we'd like to publicly voice our approval of the mural. Erin's gallery is a beacon of pure self expression and should never be censored. We feel honored to be a neighbor.


    John Dwyer, Jackie Millea and Kurt Gough

  4. yawn.

    graffiti is not a permanent art form. ever.
    that is the point.

  5. I know some are upset about the mural going away and the desire for an angry protest. However, please be respectful of our building and the businesses there. Enjoy the beauty and impermanence of all people, places and things in life. All great things come from within so let's look forward to more beautiful art inside Erin's gallery. Peace.
    The Healing Garage (next to Erin).

  6. save the hippie crap and just leave the art alone, hater.