Thursday, December 10, 2009


There is no immunity for LOL/OMG and l'etoile employees!

This afternoon, reknowned 60+ year old Minneapolis artist Frank Gaard gave l'etoile fashion editor Jahna Peloquin the smack down! Gaard left a random, unsolicited wall post on Peloquin's facebook page (the two do not know each other but are connected on Facebook), accusing her of being a narcissist due to her large collection of facebook photos. Jahna and Kate from l'etoile both responded in kind, and Gaard retorted with something about shamans. We don't know who won the sound off, but it did make us LOL!
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UPDATE: l'etoile culture editor Juleana Enright chimed in, joking "yeah, good lord Jahna will you please just do the world a favor and put a paper bag over your head when you go out, you narcissistic beyotch! hahaha."

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  1. I always thought it was the Aborigines who said that about cameras...

  2. I thought it was vampires.

  3. "So does Facebook" ahhahahaha!!!!!

  4. omg srsly.

    theres tweens with over thousands of tagged photos.

    jealous much?

  5. Funny cause it's true