Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mike Mictlan knocks it out

The new video for "Prizefight" by Doomtree cohort Mike Mictlan is a hot item circulatin' the internetz locally and beyond. Word has it that Mictlan's new vid snagged a top slot on Myspace's front page. Pretty sweet!

The rapper remixes his "prized" track on the Hand Over Fist EP and partners it with some stellar visuals with a little help from director and local graphic designer/artist Greg Hubacek, as well as a slew of other talented Twin Cities folks.

@anderother says: "the wooly mammoth minnesnowta murder maker @MIKEMICTLAN is on the front page of Myspace for that #Prizefight video"

@MPLSTV links the vid and says: "Do it to folks. We haven't seen a music video this innovative for a minute."

Mike Mictlan "PRIZEFIGHT" Music Video from Ted Romeo on Vimeo.

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