Monday, December 14, 2009

Snooki visits Azia?

DJ Last Word facebooked that Snickers/Snooki from MTV's Jersey Shore (yes, the one that got punched) was "drunk as shit" and "gettin' buck" at Azia on Sunday night. We really hope this is true...and that there are pictures.

Ironically, we were just LOLing about the Jersey Shore nickname generator last week.

Snooki from Jersey Shore/photo from MTV

UPDATE: We still haven't heard if it was true one way or another, but Gawker puts Snooki in LA on Saturday night. Could she have flown in to MN on Sunday for a promo appearance or something? Maybe. But we're guessing this was a look-a-like...or a Last Word j/k.

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  1. That Bumpit hair contraption that Guidettes & Sarah Palin deploy for max volume are on end caps at every Walgreen's.

    It is likely there are plenty more look-a-likes out there. At Brothers, Drink, Cowboy Slims; there's bound to be Bumpits in abundance. It's the new banana clip.