Sunday, December 27, 2009

l'etoile munitions dump blog?

We got a very entertaining Google alert for l'etoile today that sparked a funny convo on Facebook (see image below). l'etoile editor Kate Iverson posts: "Just got a google alert for l'etoile that linked to a really weird remix of last week's edition that has a bunch of words replaced in a really nonsensical fashion. It's titled "l'etoile munitions dump blog." It looks like it was translated into Chinese, then back into English, Ikea instruction manual-style. LOL. Oh, internetz."

TC Daily Planet arts editor, Jay Gabler chimes in with an awesome story about submitting an AIM conversation that had been translated multiple times to his grad school's literary journal as a poem. He went to Harvard, which makes the story even better.

The best part? In regards to LOL/OMG, the re-post translates "daily gossip" to "unimaginative clishmaclaver."

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