Monday, December 21, 2009

Jane Belfry vs. Coco and Breezy?

Zing! Local fashion plate, eBay seller and up-and-coming stylist Jane Belfry (formerly known as Jane Magnitude) lists her worst trends of the year, and we have to say we found ourselves LOLing along and agreeing with many of them - though we do think local jewelry designer Aimie Dukes of Ferociter rocks the half-shaved-head look pretty well.

Jane seems to throw in a diss by including a pic of a bunch of peeps wearing Coco & Breezy's line of Gemela Amor studded sunglasses, and we spy Coco and Breezy in the background. Do we sense a Twin Cities rivalry brewing?

UPDATE: Jane just posted this response on her blog: "My post about my least favorite trends of the year that I posted here landed me a little bit of hate mail, a few snarky comments, & an appearant ‘possible fued’ between me and two locals that design studded eyewear. Don’t take yourselves so seriously, my opinions may not be shared by all, I don’t expect them to be. I may be alone in my fight against overstyled celebrities & club goers but my opinions will never change."

For the record, we dig both Jane's classic style and Coco & Breezy's wild street-flavored style!

Submitted by @jahnapeloquin


  1. Why did you call them "peeps"? Is it because they are african american? that seems a little prejudiced.

  2. omg why do d33ze ladiez think dey are straight up on da top, dey aint taken ova da world eva. Dey aint even da future of fashion. Dey aint even da first ta do studded shades a'ight! I rocked dat shit befo coco and breezy were even around n shit.

  3. ahaha! That's too funny. What would fashion be without differing opinions anyway? Too vanilla for me thanks! xo

  4. OUR BLOG POST!!!!


  5. I didn't know that my opinions on studded eyewear meant so much, who cares? This is annoying.

  6. For the record, Jane didn't post any negative words about C&B, she just posted a pic, along with a number of others, about trends she didn't like. Everyone has a different style, and that's what keeps life interesting! However, if you're going to put yourself out there (whether it be through blogging or making studded eyewear) you are opening yourself up to public opinion and should just let anything negative slide off your backs. After all, any press is good press. :)