Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yes, this is an entire family wearing hand made bunny suits that resemble the one worn by Ralphie in the film "A Christmas Story." Wait! Wha'?

This morning KARE 11 posted a link on Twitter to an article about a family from Eagan who creates "over the top Christmas cards" every year. Wrapped Christmas presents, colored lightbulbs and snowmen - they've done it all and mom Sue is usually the brain behind the operation. Her son Michael claims the bunny suit is the most ridiculous one yet. See if you disagree: check out the hilarious photo gallery on Flickr that covers the last 20 years.

And now that it's been in the news, we're sure her kids aren't embarrassed at all! What are some of the most embarrassing things your parents did to you when you were young?

Submitted by @marrina.


  1. Not holiday related exactly, but this does involve embarrassing costumes...

    When I was 12 my mom forced me to volunteer at Gibbs Farm Museum as a tour guide, where I had to wear a full on Little House on the Prairie getup. I had to sit in an attic all day every Saturday for a few months talking about farm equipment and wreathes made out of human hair. For an extremely bratty, New Kids on the Block lovin' 7th grader this was horrifically mortifying.

  2. There's a pretty good chance that story is going to win a regional emmy, too.

  3. If I could win awards with embarrassing stories, I'd be triple EGOT by now.

  4. (I think they're sheep, rather than bunnies? otherwise that's a bunny-herder...)