Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Twitterings

Welcome to the first ever edition of "Weekend Twitterings" where we gather some of our favorite tweets from the weekend. Enjoy, and send us your own favorites!

@bryangerrard trys out a new look.

@brokenhalo gets drunk and plays Wii. Simply put.

@letoilemagazine and @mplsart battle it out for the art they want at the Midway Contemporary Art Monster Drawing Rally let it be noted that while @letoilemagazine walked away with a silver glitter "fart" piece, @mplsart scored a Todd Norsten piece that said "Cocksucker Motherfucker."

@artsorbit checks out the new late night music series at the Weisman Art Museum, featuring Mates of State.

@hello_robotlove sees artist Garrett Perry stares down some art at the Allen Brewer opening at Umber Studios.

@Tubes makes us LOL.

@Cowbell goes to the Lookbook show and dance circles ensue!

@magersandquinn sells their first Sarah Palin Going Rogue Book. @commongoodbooks LOLs about it.

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