Friday, December 11, 2009

We have a situation here...

I am sure you've all heard of Jersey Shore by now. The already (in)famous MTV reality show has launched just two weeks ago and it's been a topic of constant Twitter chatter ever since. The show has a simple, old concept: put a bunch a young people in a house together and see what happens. Except, this time, MTV threw together a group of young, hot blooded Italians who call themselves guidos and guidettes. Hilarity ensues, as well as all sorts of inappropriateness.

The Cast of "Jersey Shore"

One of the most hilarious things about the show are the awesome nicknames. Snooki, JWOWWW, Mike "the Situation," etc. Well, my darlings, now you can have a Jersey nickname of your own thanks to the Jersey Shore Nickname Generator! We tried it out ourselves and we LOVE the results:

@marrina: the Incident
@caerickson: Juice Springsteen
@winnerbowzer: Pookie
@letoilemagazine;The Tan-trum
@jahnapeloquin: J Pow

Sooo, of course we decided to take names of some well-known local peeps and see what their Jersey Shore nicknames are! See the results below:

Robyne Robinson: The Back End
Scott Seekins: Bones
Brant Kingman: Orange Juice
Jason DeRusha: The Tricep
Simon Peter Groebner: S-Muscle
Steve Marsh: The Body
Taylor Carik: The Operation
Melinda Jacobs: M-Scream

You get the idea.. So, what are you waiting for?! Generate your own nickname and post the results in the comments section!

Submitted by @marrina